HSC is the perfect fit for families who have decided to homeschool and are needing some support along the way. Our services provide:

  • Guidance
  • Support
  • Accountability

Our unique program was created for this very purpose.



  • The grade chart below is designed to demonstrate the courses taken in a traditional school setting according to grade level.

 Although students are not required to stay within any particular grade track, fewer schedule conflicts will be encountered if the courses laid out for each grade level are followed.

  • Parents may supplement with additional course materials; however, instructors have already selected widely utilized course books and materials for your students that will be used in their classes.



  • Our Easy-Access Student Portal will help keep you and your student on track by providing a weekly syllabus of assignments. Students will be informed of what to work on and have direct access to contacting their instructor during the week for any additional needs.



  • Whatever has led you to homeschool, know that you can do this! The HSC program and structure are designed to equip you, the parent, with an added layer of accountability and structure for your child through the interaction provided by the instructors. Weekly assignments and interactive discussion with the instructors and peers have proven to be extremely instrumental for the homeschooling family.


  • We ask parents or caretakers to ensure that students are doing the assigned work in between class-time. When students are young and not yet able to read and write, the parent or caretaker will need to devote more into their learning. In due time however, both parent and students will reap the benefits if committing to the early stages of learning. Eventually children are able to work independently, and this is our ultimate goal.


How to view our class schedule:

  • Determine the core subjects you’d like your student to study and refer to our grade chart below for suggested guidance.
  • Watch this short video on The HSC Class Schedule Features.


Most classes meet one day a week and range from 55 minutes to 90 minutes.



6th Grade

  • Math: Math 6
  • Science: Earth Science
  • History: Ancient History
  • Language Arts: Ancient History-based Writing or Lit & Comp for Middle School

7th Grade

  • Math: Math 7
  • Science: Life Science
  • History: Medieval History
  • Language Arts: Medieval History-based Writing or Lit & Comp for Middle School

8th Grade

  • Math: Pre-Algebra
  • Science: Physical Science
  • History: U.S. History
  • Language Arts: U.S. History-based Writing  or Lit & Comp for Middle School

9th Grade

  • Math: Algebra 1
  • Science: Biology
  • History: Elective
  • Language Arts: English Lit & Comp 1

10th Grade

  • Math: Geometry
  • Science: Chemistry
  • History: World History
  • Language Arts: World Literature

11th Grade

  • Math: Algebra 2
  • Science: Chemistry or Physics
  • History: American History
  • Language Arts: American Literature

12th Grade

  • Math: Pre-Calculus
  • Science: Chemistry or Physics
  • History: American Government/Economics
  • Language Arts: British Literature


  • We encourage families to be intentional about getting their studies completed, and scheduling activities such as park days, beach days, nature walks, co-op field trips, sports and recreational activities with a group of peers; all of which is essential to a child’s development and overall emotional well-being. Building these goals together as a family will be rewarding and will serve as meaningful memories that  will cherished.


  • HSC’s framework and commitment to servicing families, coupled with parental involvement in their child’s path to learning, will bring countless rewards and make way for a child with limitless potential!



Once deciding to homeschool, do some research on how to inform your state agency on your child’s educational status. There are three basic alternatives:

  • Charter Schools: Charter schools vary by state. They hold student records, assign a credentialed teacher to help plan a student’s course of study and oversee the student’s work progress. Some charter schools designate an allotment of funds to be used for approved educational services.
  • Private School Satellite Program (PSP): A PSP is a private school which files an affidavit on behalf of its students. The parent is responsible for designating and maintaining his/her own student’s course of study. Students are required to turn in work samples among other potential requirements determined by the PSP administrator.
  • Private School Affidavit (PSA): A parent must file the affidavit for his/her student and is responsible for all student records.


  • The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (“HSLDA”) is a great resource for homeschooling families. HSLDA passionately advocates for the freedom to homeschool and offers support for every stage of your homeschool journey. With 80,000 member families, Home School Legal Defense Association is the nation’s largest, most trusted homeschool advocacy organization. They’re here to advance and protect our freedom to homeschool. HSLDA’S: “Homeschooling by State Laws