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In 2003, a counselor advisedly looked at my husband and I and said, “Your family is headed for crisis if you don’t make some abrupt changes. I advise you to withdraw your children from school, homeschool them and work on getting your family back in order.” Ahhh…not at all what I wanted to hear, but something was telling me inside that the counselor was right. Hardship comes as a means of getting our attention and when we yield to the gentle nudge that comes from heaven above, we have the opportunity to grow.

Timidly we agreed to homeschool thinking it would only be temporary, but once we began, we never looked back. I can’t say the road has always been easy or one without challenges… but now that our four children are grown, we are reaping the benefits of our perseverance and are enjoying the rewards of homeschooling. We are grateful for making that decision many years ago. If you decide to homeschool, we’re here to help you. All things are possible!

As a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Sciences, Michelle Holiday founded HomeSchool Campus, Inc. in 2010. With eight campuses throughout Southern California and over 3000 students prior to the pandemic, Michelle and her husband Craig continue to serve the homeschool community. In 2019 they added live-online classes to their organization so that students across the nation and beyond could partake in the wonderful support that their seasoned instructors offer.

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Michelle Holiday
Founder and Executive Director, HomeSchool Campus

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