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The HomeSchool Campus Foundation

Taking Homeschooling to the Next Level

Our 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation offers exceptional resources, outstanding on-site and live-online academic and enrichment classes.


Our Guiding Principles

Restoring America sounds like a noble goal. It is. However, restoration requires returning something back to its original state. That begs the question- restore America to what? 

Staggering statistics on the state of the family as well as current events are overwhelming. The lack of integrity and ethical standards, beginning with our highest levels of government, are indicators that we are no longer a nation rooted in high ideals and moral principles. Or are we? 

While that question is open for debate, one thing is for certain- hope is not lost! As parents we have a great challenge and wonderful opportunity to restore our communities and country through our own family- the very core of our society and fabric of our nation.

Restore America to what? To her true self- a nation founded with guiding principles of freedom and liberty under God in whom we put our trust. If restoring America seems like a formidable and ambitious task, it is. But youth that become citizens and leaders who hold to Truth, seek Knowledge, and aspire to act with Virtue is a worthy goal. 

We are honored to partner with you in this necessary endeavor. We hope that together, through your sacrificial work of home education, coupled with excellent resources, we can restore the luster and brilliance of America…one family at a time.


Our Mission

To provide a community that encourages and equips homeschool families in their endeavor to raise the next generation of virtuous citizens and leaders. We offer exceptional resources, outstanding academic and elective courses, and a lasting network of support.


Our Vision

To positively impact your community and restore the world through the role of the family.