HomeSchool Campus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to meeting the needs of homeschool families. 

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What is HomeSchool Campus?

HSC is not a school, but rather a platform that organizes classes for instructors and promotes exceptional resources for families to lead, and home educate their children with confidence and excellence. Some classes are held at physical sites, while others are offered live-online. The physical sites currently operate one day week, while the live-online classes vary. Our physical sites are designed to enhance the homeschooling experience and encourage families to foster meaningful relationships. Instructors may offer classes at other locations that do not appear on the HSC website or through other online platforms.

HSC does not mandate parents to volunteer their time to HSC.

The Instructors

The instructors are not employees of HSC and HSC does not pay any instructor, nor collects money for any instructor. HSC does not mandate curriculum for the instructor, as instructors create or use curriculum at their discretion. Instructors are generally associated with numerous CA charter schools.

Families do not pay HSC for any instructor services or materials.

Signing up for a class through the HSC website reserves a seat, but students will need to pay the respective instructor for the class after reserving a seat. The payment transaction is between students, the instructor, and when applicable, respective charter schools. Charter families need to speak with their charter representative for clarification about paying for classes. Families who are not associated with a charter school may contact instructors directly for alternative payment methods.

The HSC Student Portal

The HSC Student Portal was designed to help keep students organized and on track with their studies throughout the week. Read More

We look forward to serving you and partnering in the quest to bring up America’s next generation of virtuous citizens and leaders.