Please take a few moments to browse through our FAQs. You will find the answers to many of your questions listed here. Should your question not be addressed, feel free to contact us.

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Is HomeSchool Campus a school?
  • HSC is a learning center (not a school) that promotes independent instructors to families who want to homeschool.
  • The instructors promoted by HSC are independent contractors and not employed or paid by HSC.
  • HSC organizes the schedule for instructors at various in-person and live-online platforms.
  • The instructors offer live-online and in-person core & elective classes for students in grades K-12th.
  • HSC provides a customized student portal to help instructors keep their students on track with their studies.
When do classes begin and when are the holidays?

Each year we post an academic calendar to our website.

What are the steps to enrolling in classes?
  • Step 1: Create an HSC Family Account or login to your current account
  • Step 2: Add your student(s) or view your current student(s)
  • Step 3: View the class schedule and enroll in classes
    • There is no registration fee to enroll; enroll for free to hold your student’s seat and pay the instructors later for classes

When using charter funds to pay for a class, your student must FIRST enroll through the HSC website and THEN give your charter school the information so they can send a purchase order to the instructor(s). If you only notify your charter school but do not enroll first through the HSC website, your student will not be officially enrolled in the class(es). HSC and charter schools do not coordinate enrollments together; we are completely separate entities.

Please note: If you ever are viewing the class schedule and do not see the “Enroll/Class Details” link with each class listing, you are viewing the ‘guest schedule’ and need to login to your family account. Only families who are logged into their account have access to the Enroll/Class Details link.

Is there a deadline for enrolling in a class?

HSC has open enrollment.

  • Students may enroll anytime, however do not delay as a class could be canceled due to low enrollment.
  • Once a class has begun, contact the instructor directly to ensure your student is prepared for his/her first day.
Can my student enroll in a class if his/her grade level is above or below the posted grade range?

Yes. For classes with a grade range, instructors typically ‘teach up’ to the highest grade level. To determine if the class will be appropriate for a younger or older student, contact the instructor directly. Instructor contact information can be found in the ‘Class Details’ section of each class listing.

Do the in-person campuses have a lunch break?

Our in-person campus hours are from 9am-3pm. Classes are scheduled to begin each hour on the hour, and continue throughout the day. HSC does not have the staff that would be necessary to facilitate a lunch hour. Students may snack in between classes and/or take a lunch break at any time provided that a parent or guardian is present with them. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How do I know if an instructor accepts my school's charter funds?

All tuition is paid directly to each individual instructor, not HSC. To view which charters an instructor is affiliated with, click on the ‘Class Details‘ located on our class schedule. An instructor’s list of charters is located on the right side under ‘charter affiliation‘. If your charter school is not listed, you may contact the instructors directly and ask if they’d consider applying to becoming a vendor with your school. Instructor contact information is in the Class Details.

How do I pay for classes if using charter funds?
  • Students must first ENROLL through the HSC website, then contact his/her charter school and issue a purchase order to the instructor for payment (HSC does not handle any monies).
  • To determine if an instructor accepts CA charter funds from your school, click on ‘Class Details’ on the class schedule page and scroll to where it lists the charter funds that the instructor accepts.
  • You could also check your charter school’s website to see if the instructor is listed as one of their approved vendors. You will need to know the instructor’s company name which is found by clicking on Class Details on the HSC class schedule page.
  • If your charter school is not listed on an instructor’s charter affiliation list, contact the instructor directly to ask if he/she would apply to become approved by your school.
How do I pay for classes if using private funds?
  • Students are permitted to enroll without submitting payment.
  • Payment is made directly to each individual instructor (not HSC).
  • The instructor will contact a parent for payment arrangements after a student has enrolled in his/her class. Please note that instructors are independent contractors and the time will vary as to when they contact their families.
  • Instructor contact information and payment details are found by clicking on ‘Class Details’ next to each class listing.
What is the average class size?

Most classes have a maximum of 15-20 students and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How does the waitlist work?

If a class is full, a student may add him/herself to the waitlist. Waitlisted students are assigned to a class as soon as space becomes available and parents will be notified via email. We encourage families to add their students to a waitlist as oftentimes spaces become available.

Who do I contact for questions about a particular class?

To best serve you, contact instructors directly through the “Class Details” link available with each class listing (Instructor Bio section). If you do not receive correspondence within 48 hours of your inquiry, please contact us.

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