Please take a few moments to browse through our FAQs. You will find the answers to many of your questions listed here. Should your question not be addressed here, feel free to contact us.


May a student enroll in a class that has already begun?

Yes. Class information regarding terms and/or any pre-requisites may be found by clicking on the class title in the website “Schedule.”  Most of our classes welcome new students at any time; however, we encourage you to contact the instructor for clarification on any questions you may have to ensure preparation for the student’s first day.


If my child gets put on a waitlist for a class, what is the average wait time before a space might open?

When spaces become available in a class, we assign waitlisted students as quickly as possible. If interested in taking a class that is ‘full’, it is recommended to add your student to the waitlist for that class. An instructor may decide to allow 1 or 2 extra into the class. In addition, if there is a need, an instructor may decide to open a second option for the same class.


May a student enroll in a class that is different than his/her current grade level?

Yes. The posted grade levels indicate the level at which the course will be taught. For classes with a grade range, instructors typically “teach up” to the highest grade that is listed. To determine if the course will be appropriate for a younger or older student, please contact the instructor directly.


Are classes one or two semesters in duration? How many weeks represent a semester?

Some classes meet for one semester and some meet for the entire school year. Class information regarding terms can be found by clicking on the class title in the website “schedule.” Each semester meets for a total of 16 weeks.


Who do I contact if I have a question or comment about a class?

To best serve you, each of the instructors can be contacted directly regarding their classes. Click on an instructor’s name to be directed to his/her contact information.


Can a student enroll in a class before paying for the class?

Yes. To hold your student’s spot in any class, we suggest enrolling at the onset of the enrollment opening date. Each class has a maximum number of students and seat availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If using private funds to pay an instructor, the instructor will contact you for his/her payment terms. If using charter funds to pay an instructor, please give your class enrollment information to your charter facilitator after you have enrolled in a class(es) at HSC so that a purchase order can be issued to the instructor(s).